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Tips for proper glass and mirror glass maintenance

Ever lived in a home that has cloudy shower enclosure glass? You know what I’m talking about: the seemingly caked-on, semi-permanent residue of film that no amount of lime descaler — and a descaler may harm your glass — can seem to significantly remove. Maybe I’m talking about your own shower. You may have to remember the old days when one could actually fully see through the glass, when the glass truly was clear, clean, and beautiful. Hopefully.
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Making the right decision about what kind of shower to install in your home

So you’re considering renovating your bathroom with a new shower installation? Great! Now the fun really starts. Deciding to take that step is a big one, not just in financial terms, but also in the expected toll involved in the disruption of your home and in all the decisions you have to make along the way that help your contractor make the best installation possible. Sure, at first, it all looks like fun: Perusing the dozens of pictures.
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Framed Shower Doors & Enclosures

Framed Shower Doors & Enclosures

Framed showers strike an excellent value price point between curtained showers and frameless shower installations. They are a more attractive option than a curtain-and-rod design, yet are still a practical option for our most budget-conscious clients.

Reasons to choose a framed shower:

  • Attractive shower enclosure frame with several hardware finish types available.
  • More refined and appealing than straight curtain-and-rod installations.
  • Competitive value in pricing for hardware and installation costs.
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