What sets First Glass, Inc. apart?

What sets First Glass, Inc. apart?

First Glass brings a personal, hands-on touch to every project we’re involved in. We work diligently and thoughtfully with each of our clients to determine their exact requirements and deliver the finest results, no matter the size of the budget or the scope of the project.

As anyone who has had to deal with a construction or renovation project of any size knows, few qualities of the companies and individuals working on that project could be more important than genuine professionalism and timely adherence to deadlines. Be it a large-scale commercial project – e.g., hundreds of bathrooms in a large residential project – or a single small shower in a residence – the need to see a project to completion within anticipated schedules is vitally important. First Glass, Inc. brings that seasoned professionalism to every project, from estimating to beginning the build –out to seeing the project through to completion on-time and on-budget.

We genuinely want our clients to be continually impressed by the process from start to finish and have no hesitation in recommending First Glass as their first choice in framed and frameless shower installations and renovations to friends, family, and other professionals in the construction industry.

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