Tips for proper glass and mirror glass maintenance

Ever lived in a home that has cloudy shower enclosure glass? You know what I’m talking about: the seemingly caked-on, semi-permanent residue of film that no amount of lime descaler — and a descaler may harm your glass — can seem to significantly remove.

Maybe I’m talking about your own shower.

You may have to remember the old days when one could actually fully see through the glass, when the glass truly was clear, clean, and beautiful.

Hopefully it hasn’t come to that yet or perhaps you’re looking at a new installation of shower glass, or you have shower glass that hasn’t yet been subjected to lime, calcium, and soap residue. In order to avoid coating your beautiful shower glass with excessive amounts of residue, let’s run through basic care and maintenance of your shower glass so you don’t lose the clear, shining beauty of your shower glass.

Remember that glass is a porous, vulnerable material that ultimately comes from nature. Over time, if neglected or treated with harsh chemicals and abrasives, your shower glass will lose the clarity that you admired when it was new. Here are some tips for keeping shower glass clean:

  • Never use abrasive chemical cleaners, abrasive sponges (steel wool, etc.), or coarse brushes to clean glass. Look at product labels to determine if the product is truly designed to clean glass safely or if it’s more of a generic chemical cleaner. Look for cleaning products that are designed specifically for cleaning glass.
  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe down and keep glass clean.
  • Spray the shower glass down with fresh water when you’re done showering. This can help spray off soap, calcium, lime, and potentially other deposits.
  • Use a squeegee or towel to wipe excess water from the glass when you’re done showering every time. It’s a simple, easy routine that takes just a few seconds when you’re done showering and it will go a long way to keeping your glass clean.

You may also want to consider protective glass coating products when you’ve purchased new shower glass. Some are integrated into the actual manufacturing of glass and some are spray-on coatings that can extend the beauty, clarity and lifespan of your shower glass.

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